Code Blue / Code Red Alerts

Code Blue / Code Red Severe Weather Alerts

Code Blue and Code Red are initiatives that were created by the Lancaster County Housing and Redevelopment Authority as a means to alert their sheltering partners to impending weather threats that may impact individuals who are experiencing homelessness. This program is Lancaster County wide, engaging numerous stakeholders across the community. Code Blue and Code Red are weather alerts. Cold Blue is for extreme cold conditions. Code Red is for extreme heat conditions. 

Who issues Code Blue and Code Red alerts?

The Lancaster County Housing and Redevelopment Authority, LCHRA, works alongside their partners to determine additional sheltering needs. Lancaster Emergency Management Agency monitors weather conditions and sends an initial message to LCHRA. A decision is made by LCHRA to issue Code Blue or Code Red if the impending weather meets defined conditions. Factors that contribute to the decision include wind chill "feel like" temperatures, precipitation, time of day, and duration.

What happens when code blue or code red are implemented? 

LCHRA works alongside their partners to establish additional sheltering needs. 


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