Volunteers are critical, essential, and valued resources in emergency management. Those who live in a community know it best. This is why volunteerism is important on a local level. Volunteering provides an enriching experience for those who have the ability to donate their time and skills.

Where can I Volunteer?

Below are just a few of the voluntary organizations actively involved with Lancaster County Emergency Management:

  • Your local municipal Emergency Management Agency. Check with your municipality and reach out to your local Emergency Management Coordinator to volunteer within your community. 
  • Lancaster Emergency Management Agency - Duly Enrolled Volunteer. 
  • Community Emergency Response Team (Volunteer in your neighborhood)
  • Lancaster County Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (Volunteer throughout Lancaster County)
  • Pennsylvania Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (Volunteer throughout Pennsylvania) 
  • Critical Incident Stress Management, CISM (Work with those who provide mental health services to first responders)
  • South Central Medical Reserve Corps (If you are a credentialed medical provider interested in disaster response)
  • Community Animal Response Team (If you a particularly interested in helping animals in disasters)

How can volunteering benefit me?

  • Connect you to others
  • Is good for your mind and body
  • Learn new skills
  • Try new activities
  • Provides a sense of purpose and community

Links for Volunteer Information and Opportunities: