Theodore A. Parker III Natural Area

This 100-acre park is located in the southeast portion of Lancaster County and is named after the late Theodore A. Parker III, an internationally known ornithologist from Lancaster County.

In this park, Stewart Run tumbles over rocks and waterfalls to create one of the county's most pristine streams. Visitors can hike along a trail that parallels this stream and the sheer walls of rock that help to create this isolated valley.
Baby rabbit
Plants & Wildlife
The flora throughout this tract is impressive. Trout lilies, violets, and mayapple carpet the forest floor each spring. In the ravine's upper section, club mosses, ground pine, ferns and lichens give visitors a glimpse of the type of forest that once covered much of Pennsylvania.

Animals are abundant, including birds, deer, raccoons, opossums, and both brown and brook trout. Fishing is permitted during authorized seasons.