Community Intervention Services

The Educational Experience
This presentation is for educational classes or groups who are interested in learning more about juvenile delinquency, juvenile justice, and detention and shelter-care at the Youth Intervention Center. This presentation can be held at the Youth Intervention Center, or off-site at the group’s meeting place.

Group size at the Youth Intervention Center is limited to 25 people. This experience is free to the participating educational organizations.

Operation Deterrence
This experience is ideal for parents whose child has been displaying inappropriate behavior, but has not yet entered into the juvenile justice system through an arrest. This experience shows them where the results of poor decision-making could lead. Loss of freedom is the key message that will be delivered to the child.

There is no exposure to the current residents at the Youth Intervention Center. This presentation can be given on an individual basis or for larger groups. A Microsoft Power Point presentation can be given at your school that talks about loss of freedom and the consequences of poor decision-making.

The goal of the program is to prevent delinquency before it even starts, in an informative way. This experience is free for interested parents, schools, or organizations.