District Court Warrant Control Unit

Sergeant Jose Santiago, Supervisor


On June 1, 2016 the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, under the authority of court order and later local rule 1907.2, which became effective August 9, 2016, created the District Court Warrant Control & Apprehension Unit.  This unit is responsible for overseeing the service of all non-criminal docketed Magisterial District Court Warrants. The goal of this unit is to provide oversight and control of traffic and non-traffic warrants issued by the 17 Magisterial District Judges in the county while maintaining a cost effective warrant service solution for our citizens. 

If you receive a letter from the Sheriff's Office in the mail or if were left a green card:

Please contact the Magisterial District Court Office stated in the letter or referred to information on the green card.  We have NO authority to dismiss a MDJ warrant. You must contact the Magisterial District Court Office to make arraignments to satisfy the MDJ warrant. .

For general questions, you may contact the Sheriff's Office at:

717-723-4929 Press “0”