Are all deaths reported to the coroner?
Not all deaths that occur in Lancaster County are reportable to the Coroner.

Individuals who die from natural causes in a hospital, residents of skilled nursing homes, and those under hospice care are not always reportable. Individuals who die at home from natural causes and are currently under the care of a physician are not always reportable.

The following deaths are reportable to the Coroner in Lancaster County:
  • Any death in which trauma, falls or fractures, chemical injury, asphyxia, exposure, fire, drug overdose, or reaction to drugs or medical treatment was a primary, secondary, direct or indirect, contributory, aggravating, or precipitating cause of death

  • Any death wherein the body is unidentified or unclaimed

  • Any sudden infant death

  • Deaths known or suspected as due to contagious disease and constituting a public health hazard

  • Deaths occurring as a result of violence or trauma, whether apparently homicidal, suicidal, or accidental

  • Deaths occurring in a prison, penal institution, or in the custody of police

  • Deaths occurring under suspicious circumstances including those where alcohol, drugs, or other toxic substances may have a direct bearing on the death

  • Operative and peri-operative death in which the death is not readily explainable on the basis of prior disease

  • Stillbirth

  • Sudden deaths not caused by readily recognizable disease, or wherein a physician on the basis of prior medical attendance cannot properly certify the cause of death

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